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6th Grade Boys 2017-2018 Season info


Here is some basic info about the upcoming 2017-2018 season:

-Tryouts: Please bring a regulation 29.5 ball. It is important to try and attend both days of tryouts. We are planning on taking 8-10 players. Finally, LAC would love to have 2 teams at this level. If you are interested in coaching, please contact me.

-We will have voluntary practices on Monday evenings from September 11th-October 2nd. These practices will focus on ball handling, shooting, footwork, defensive footwork, conditioning, & team concepts.

-Practices start the week of October 16th. We will have 3 practices a week (90 minutes each) till December 22nd. After Christmas, we will only practice twice a week. The 3rd practice day of the week will consist of Professional Training with a heavy focus on Shooting Form, Dribbling, & Footwork. While practice days are not firm, we are hoping to practice on Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday evenings.

-League play- We will play in the Lemont League (10 games+ Playoffs). All games will be on Sundays and the games will be played at the Core or RiverValley.

-Tournament/Shootouts- We will play in about 4-5 Tourneys/Shootouts during the season.

-We will play about a total of 35-40 games throughout the whole season. The weekly commitment will be about 4 days and the season will conclude with Lemont League Playoffs on March 4th.

-Our #1 goal will be to develop the boys and teach them the fundamentals of the game. As well, to teach them team concepts that will have them prepared for playing in High School.

Please contact me directly with any questions: txgeraghty@yahoo.com


Tom Geraghty


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